Thursday, March 10, 2011

Creating A Contest

I have been thinking lately that I want to have a contest to help promote my book "Released", so I am trying to pick everyone's brain for any ideas or tips that you all might have.

There are a few indies whom I have seen have some really great contests and I think the idea is really fun.
i.e. Megg Jensen's Contest

I already know what I want to give away as a prize and I am not going to give that away just yet. :-)

What I am trying to decide is:
  1. When should I have this contest?  Prior to publishing or should be after publishing?
  2. How should I construct this contest?  i.e. What should the requirements be for someone to enter the contest?
  3. Other than on FB, Twitter and my blog, where else should I promote this contest?

These are just a few of my many questions, so if anyone has any feedback for me I would greatly appreciate it.


  1. It should be after you publish and the book is available. Hopefully, you can gain a good amount of followers. Try posting on Kindle boards and goodreads as well.

  2. I agree with J.L. Definitely do it after its published. And I think Genevieve Ching was doing a points system. (For one of Megg's contests) where you get points for commenting on her different sites (FB, Blog, etc) and points for following her, etc. I don't know much about contests as I haven't done one, but i do love that there are so many book reviewers willing to host giveaways for me. Maybe you could do a couple of those at the same time as yoru contest, which is what i plan to do with Dirty Blood. Maximum exposure in a small amount of time... should give you some good momentum. is doing a giveaway for me. She's pretty cool. And I have some others if you want ideas, that would be willing to do giveaways on their blogs at the same time as you running your contest.