Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chaos Blog Tour Giveaway

** Win A Chance To See Your Name In The Next Book**

The long awaited release is finally here! I almost can't believe it. I'd like to take a moment to thank some really special people who helped make Chaos possible. First and foremost, to my amazing readers. You are all so wonderful, and your support and encouragement makes being an author the greatest job there is.

To my bloggers and fellow authors, there are days that I wouldn't make it through without you. Thank you for being so spectacular: Tiffany, Heather, Naj, Brina, and Katherine.

A very special thanks to my family and husband. Your never ending support means the world to me. Thank you for never letting me give up. I'd like to thank my hubby for supplying me with an endless amount of Pepsi and Kit Kat's. For believing in me and my dream even when I didn't. I love you.

Now let's get to the prizes!

I wanted to do something extra special for this giveaway.  Something I've never done before. Something.... BIG!

The Prizes are:
  • 2 signed paperback copies
  • 1 signed Chaos poster
  • 5 Kindle copies
  • And 1 winner will get their name as a character in the next book

These are some great prizes, right?

One very special winner will get to see their name as a character in the next book of the Agents of Evil series! How awesome is that?

All you  have to do is enter below. Easy, right?

There are some great bloggers that will be part of this tour who will be giving awake Kindle copies for additional chances to win. Check them out.

ImaBookShark - July 2nd
Pretty In Fiction - July 6th
Caffeinated Diva - July 7th
SupaGurl Books - July 9th
Word Speluking - July 12th
Unputdownable Books - July 20th
Books With Bite - July 25th
Vamps, Weres, and Cassay - July 10th

Reading is my Escape
Sated Faery - July 3rd
That Bookish Girl
Andreas Paranormal Reads - July 9th
The Tales Compendium - July 8th

Can't wait to get yourself a copy? Stop by Amazon or B&N and get ready to be spooked!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Preparing for the Chaos Blog Tour

It's finally almost time! 
The hardest book I've ever had to write, so far, is so close to being ready to publish! 
I can breathe now, right?? I feel like I can! lol 
For now.

I think the blog tour is one of my most favorite parts of being an indie.
It's exciting to get to see what everyone thinks of the book, to see who is excited about reading it, 
and even who is begging me to finish the next in the series.
I actually wasn't sure I would publish the whole series until I got such amazing feedback from everyone. 

So, those of you who have begged me, teased me, befriended me and even yelled at me, thank you! Chaos might never have been if you all hadn't pushed me so hard. Sometimes all it takes is a good swift kick in the rear to get the creative fire burning. ;o)

For those of you who are wondering, there WILL be a 3rd book. I'm not exactly sure when it will come out, but I'd like for that to happen before the end of the year. 

I think it's time I finally reveal the bookmarks for Chaos. They were designed by the amazing, and incredible Naj at 
I can't say enough amazing things about her as an artist and even a reviewer, but most importantly as a friend. Love ya Naj!!

Aren't they gorgeous?! 

For those of you who don't know, I'm totally obsessed with book covers and bookmarks, etc. Seriously!
Sometimes I just search the net for covers, images and drawings just to get book ideas. Naj is definitely one of those artists whose work speaks to me and makes me want to write. I know when she designs the cover for book 3, I'm going to fly to my keyboard to get it started. 
( Psst Naj! Will you PLEASE design book 3 for me? lol)

Okay, shall I get back to the point? 
I was suppose to write this blog to talk about my blog tour! 
So far, I've planned a release date for Chaos as of June 30th. I've been working on my listings of all the reviewers who reviewed Released for me, which was a long time ago. Before I send out the email I wanted all you Bloggers out there who are interested to get the chance to reach out and say, "Hey, Megs! I want to review Chaos, too!"

So question is, do you want to review Chaos? If you do shoot me an email at:
megan_duncan @ live dot com (you'll need to fix the address properly so it'll work, I just didn't want to get spammed. I made that mistake before and it wasn't fun)

Just so ya'll know, review copies will only be available in eBook format. Sorry paperback reviewers, I sadly just can't afford to ship them out anymore. As far as prizes, those are still a secret for now, but they will definitely be exciting! :o)

The Christian Hurt Charity Book Sale

Me, My Shelf and I

Me, My Shelf and I Book Blog is hosting a fantastic charity book sale you can not, should not and will not miss!
In an effort to raise money for MMSAI blogger Kayla’s cousin Christian Hurt’s neck surgery, for an injury he sustained during a football game last year, MMSAI called out to every one for book & swag donations. The response was overwhelming and now they have HUNDREDS of awesome books, a lot signed, some first editions, swag, movies, gift cards and even  


June 16th at 9am CST

and get your hands on one of dozens awesome book packs priced at $25.00. There will also be a few auctions for author related services and larger book packs and if you want that Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet all you have to do is buy a book pack…they are hiding randomly in 2 of them!
These packs won’t last long, so don’t be late! And be sure to check that link between now and there from time to time as sneak peeks to the goodies will be put up through out the time leading to the sale date!

You are going to buy books this year anyway, why not get a bunch for a great price and have all the proceeds go to charity?

For more info on the charity event, Christian Hurt and his injury and to see some of the stuff that is in the book packs, visit MMSAI

Also, don’t forget MMSAI is giving away $25 Amazon GC for helping spread the word, check out the contest here and good luck!