Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Ascended

After reading the first two books in the series, I have been impatiently waiting on the last installment,
The Ascended.

Tiffany King has created a fantastical world with Angels, Fallen Angels, and Haniel. Those who have read the second book know what I'm talking about. ::wink wink::

Tiffany's writing is fluid and perfectly descriptive. I never felt bogged down while reading, in-fact, each of her books were almost impossible to put down. It wasn't just the likeable characters or the speed at which I fell into Tiffany's world, forgetting reality around me, but the uniqueness of the story that gripped me. I am eagerly awaiting The Ascended's release, because I NEED to know what happens!

Tiffany has been gracious enough to provide me an excerpt to share with you all. Be careful now, because it's going to pull you in and you won't be able to turn away until you read the entire series. And then again a second time. :o)


"I wonder where the rest went," I asked, expecting my friends to answer. “Guys, are you okay?” I asked, getting no response. I was so wrapped up with the poltergeist, I hadn’t noticed where my friends went, but they were definitely missing. A cold dread suddenly gripped me. Some Ascended I was, I thought. I had allowed my friends to be snatched right out from under me. I sank down to my knees as the full impact of it hit me. I was utterly alone in the dark hallway. I started to hyperventilate when I realized the connection between my current predicament and the dreams that had been haunting me for months. The air around me thickened and I could feel the darkness pressing down on me.
After several minutes, I was finally able to get a grip on myself. This was different. I knew the dimensions of the hallway and also knew that I wouldn't fall into some unseen abyss. Sure, I didn't know what awaited me at the end of the hallway, nor did I know what had happened to my friends, but I was also a different person now.
I pulled myself up off the ground and slowly started walking forward. I kept my hands out in front of me to help alert me to any obstacle I might encounter. My pace was slow and cautious as I continued to proceed down the long narrow space. I used my gifts to see if I could sense the location of my missing friends, but felt nothing. This was not the way the plan was supposed to go. We had allowed ourselves to walk into an ambush. The question is why had Victor left me in the hallway alone? And why did he feel the need to mess with me?
"Because I can," his voice whispered in my ear, making me shriek in fright. Whipping around, I stuck my arms straight out to ward off a possible attack.
"Where are you, coward?" I yelled, angry that I was once again at his mercy. I turned back around and raced down the hallway, away from the voice, back where I knew there was a way out. I allowed panic to get hold of me and in my mad dash to get away I crashed headfirst into an unseen obstacle.
        My head reeled from the blow as I slumped down into unconsciousness.
Awesome, right? Want to know more?
Check out Tiffany King's Blog HERE
Or grab the first installment of the series, Meant To Be, on AMAZON
You can also check out a interview I did on my blog of Tiffany King HERE

Friday, December 16, 2011

Indulge Release Celebration & Giveaway

Firstly I would like to exhale the deep breath I've been holding for what seems like months. **sigh**
I feel better now. :o)

Indulge, Book 2 in my Warm Delicacy series is now available!

Okay, another deep breath needed! :-O 

Releasing the second book in a series proved to be much more emotional and scary for me. I found myself worrying if people would like where I was leading the story, and praying that they would enjoy the world I created. In the end, all I could do was cross my fingers, write the best darn story I could, and hold my breath. Again.

Not all of this roller coaster ride has been bad. Throughout this year I've spoken with many indies and even made a few friends. I'd like to take some time to thank those friends, whose kind words have smoothed out bumps in my day and put a smile on my face when there would have otherwise been a frown.

To my amazing friend & designer Naj. You are a bright ray of sunshine and I am grateful everyday that we are friends.

To my indies Tiffany King, Megg Jensen, and Angela Carlie. Tiffany your friendship brings joy to my day, especially those writing moments where I want to break my pencil in half. You are really funny and I look forward to growing our friendship in 2012. To Megg and Angela. Thank you for your guidance throughout this year, especially when writing Savor. I deeply admire your incredible writing skills, but also your kind, open hearts. I've met some not-so-nice indies in my short time of self-pubbing, but you two are definitely not one of them.

Last, but not least, to my reviewers. You are the glue that keeps this cookie from crumbling. Seriously. I'd like to give a special shout-out to all you Indulge reviewers. It means so much to me that you stuck by me and were excited to join in on Indulge's Review Slam. I truly don't think I'd want to continue being an indie if I didn't have such amazingly kind people like you all around me.

And now, the moment I know you've all been waiting for...

I will be giving away 5 signed copies of Indulge during the rest of the month of December! All you have to do is either comment on this blog post leaving your name and email or mention it on Twitter. (Just made sure you tag me so that I can see it)  
Sounds easy enough right?

Even though I'm terribly nervous, I can't wait to see what everyone thinks of Indulge and I am super excited to be giving away some signed copies, so good luck everyone!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The "C" Word

...yeah... I said it, this post has absolutely nothing to do with writing and EVERYTHING to do with the other love-of-my-life, CHOCOLATE!

Completely by chance, I came across the most amazing chocolate bar I have ever had in my life. As usual, I of course couldn't keep this wonderful news a secret and had to share the awesomeness to all my fellow chocolate lovers.

While on my standard trek through the tiny, family owned market near my work I came across my first Theo Chocolate Bar. Was it completely chance? Was it fate? Was it destiny?

Being a chocolate freak, I totally believe it was destiny. :o) I've just never had anything so divine in my life, so it couldn't be anything other than a match written in the stars.

After finishing my chocolatey heaven and thoroughly licking my fingers I immediately flew to the website to find more about this mana from the gods.

Even just by visiting now in order to add the link to this post I find that they have added Christmas flavors to their collection and am not hesitating to add them to my cart. Sure, I did ask Santa for candy bars for Christmas, but that's like 2 weeks away! I can't wait that long!

Without further adieu, I introduce you to Theo Chocolate

I hope you all love it as much as I do, but if not... MORE FOR ME, YAY!!

Merry Christmas Everyone, and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Ascended Blog Tour

I am so very super excited to be a part of author Tiffany King's blog tour! 
I absolutely love her books and can't wait to get my hands on the third book 
in her Fallen Angel series.

My stop for the tour will happen on December 18th, so drop by to read my review and
check out all the details for prizes! Woot!

Here is a list of all the tour stops so you can hop around and leave comments, giving you more 
chances to win. Also, check out Tiffany's blog through the button to the right --->

December 4th Courtney Cole
December 5th M. Leighton
December 6th Magical Urban Fantasy Reads
December 7th Nichole Chase
December 8th Two Chicks on Books
December 9th The Autumn Review
December 10th Shelly Crane
December 12th Jennifer Snyder
December 13th Devyn Dawson
December 14th Laura Elliot
December 15th fiktshun
December 16th Bookish Babes
December 17th Tess Watson
December 18th Megan Duncan
December 19th Hey it’s Fishy
December 20th Abbi Glines
December 21st C.A Kunz
December 22nd Teenage Reader
December 23rd Secret Lives of Fiction Lovers
December 24th Michelle Muto
December 25th Christmas Day
December 26th Amy Jones
December 27th Fisher Amelie
December 29th Sean Hayden