Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I feel like I've been scammed!

Last night I attended an e-Publishing class.  Available through my local community college, I registered and paid for the class some time ago and have been anxiously waiting its arrival.  As detailed in the course description, I would be learning to format my book for devices like the Kindle, iPad and etc., as well as navigate my way through all the major chains like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders.

This did not happen.

What I really want to do right now is rant and scream about how I feel like I have been scammed, but I know that won’t do me any good.  I did, however, throw the class booklet across my bedroom when I got home which did make me feel a little bit better.

Not only did I have hopes that after completing this course I would have a wealth of knowledge and skills at formatting my book to all available avenues, but I would also be able to avoid all of the headaches that I read everyone stressing about on the Kindle Boards and the like.  I was even excited about being able to help fellow indies, which is something I really enjoy doing.

While in this three hour class I quickly realized that this “instructor” wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t already know and that there were many things he wasn’t mentioning that I felt warranted mention.

I am in no way an expert on self-publishing and honestly feel like I have only scratched the surface, but to actually know more than my “instructor” left me feeling confused, annoyed and just plain frustrated.

So, do you want to hear what I did learn about formatting?  Are you ready?

“Go to the company you want to publish through, i.e. Amazon, and follow their formatting rules exactly.”

That’s a direct quote from the “instructor”!!   

I desperately wanted to get up and walk out of the class, but my unfortunate good manners kept me glued to my seat.

Should I have interrupted and said something?  Maybe.
Should I have demanded my money back?  Probably.

What I have learned from this experience, I will pass onto you.  No matter how legitimate something might seem, always research it first.  I recommend you confer with the all-knowing oracle.

Who is this all-knowing oracle, you ask?  

GOOGLE.  It knows all.

Perhaps if I had researched the “instructor” prior to registering for this class I would have discovered that several other people have left with the same feelings I have.  This would have saved me money and more importantly valuable, valuable time.

So I caution you all to watch your backs, your wallets and whatever else needs watching because there are scammers out there in areas that I didn’t even know they were hiding.


  1. That is a shame! It's horrible to leave a class with a feeling like that. He should be paying you for the time you wasted in his class.

  2. Oh man Megan! That really sucks. I would have totally told the professor what for after the class. If he thinks the students are leaving feeling like they got a wealth of information, he will never change the course.

    Check this book out by Derek Canyon on formating for Kindle. Amazing!

    Angeline Kace

  3. I second what Angeline said; Derek Canyon's book is fantastic.

  4. Awesome! Thank you Angeline, I am definitely going to check it out this weekend then. :-)