Author Services

I offer four types of formatting: Kindle & B&N, Paperback(CreateSpace) and Smashwords. My formatting for Smashwords will get you into their Premium Catalog. Prices vary by word count and number of formats being purchased. Please note that projects including images for chapter headings may incur an additional charge, discussed with you prior to working on the project.

Digital x1
 This includes one digital format of your choice.
< 50,000 words: $30
> 50,001 words: $40

Digital x2
This includes two digital formats of your choice.
< 50,000 words: $50
> 50,001 words: $60

Digital bundle
This includes all three digital formats listed above.
< 50,000 words: $70
> 50,001 words: $80

Print formatting 
< 50,000 words: $70
> 50,001 words: $90

Digital & Print Bundle
This includes all three digital formats and print.

< 50,000 words: $100
> 50,001 words: $140

If you think you'd like to purchase formatting, please contact me at megan_duncan @ live dot com.

*Please note that I will not edit your book for you. If there are spelling errors in the MS you provide me I won't fix them for you. MS should be ready for publishing and just need formatting. 


"Megan formatted my ebook, To Save the Realm, for a CreateSpace
paperback edition. She did a great job. She did quick turnarounds,
incorporating all of my requested formatting changes, plus making a
few late-minute editorial changes that I requested. Megan is pleasant
and professional to work with. I will come back to her when my sequel
is ready for paperback formatting."
"A quick turnaround and very professional yet friendly approach! even 
when I got nitpicky about personal preferences, she happily met my 
needs. I'm sure I'll be sending future work her way!" 
-Barry Napier, of the Everything Theory series 
"My experience and dealing with Megan was amazing. She helped me every 
step of the way, and despite an avalanche of emails requesting 
assistance and advice from me, she remained patient and understanding. 
The formatting was tailor made to my instructions and I would 
definitely request her expertise again. I have no hesitation in 
recommending Megan's services." - Sharon E Turner 
Formatted Works: