Friday, November 25, 2011

Feeling the Crunch

Working on the first set of revisions for Indulge and I am really starting to feel the pressure! 
And no, not just pressure from eating way too much on Thanksgiving. :o)

Due to some unforeseen events during Savor's tour, I am contemplating
whether or not I want to do another tour for Indulge. While I do want the reviews. Okay,
I really really want the reviews. I am hesitant to try my hand at another tour, especially during the month of December when I believe most bloggers will be incredibly busy with Xmas plans and etc.

I do have an alternative idea that I have been juggling around in my noggin. I'm not sure
I have seen anyone do anything like it before, but not quite sure if many
bloggers will be up for it.

I was thinking I wanted to do a "Review Slam"
The basic idea is that a group of reviewers will receive eCopies of Indulge prior to its release. 
Then, on the agreed upon date of "X" all the reviewers will post their reviews on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads and/or Blogs.

Each reviewer can decide when or they'd like to post that same review on their blog, 
along with an ebook giveaway.

I am hoping that this method will avoid bogging down reviewers, so that no one gets
so busy they forget their scheduled date and also so that
it doesn't interfere with anyone's Xmas holiday.

I have also thought about just putting Indulge up on B&N and Amazon and not doing any kind of tour or review slam, period. Of course, if a blogger or reviewer wants to read it I most definitely will not turn them down.

So, in a nut-shell that is my current dilemma. Wish me luck everyone. I most definitely need it.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Indulge's Synopsis! *Cast your vote!*

It's not long now before Indulge, Warm Delicacy Series, Book 2 is out!
The book is done and will soon be in revisions and then off to edits. I am so excited and hope you all enjoy the story. I had fun writing it, and it even took turns in directions I wasn't expecting which is always exciting! I believe it might even lead to more than 3 books in the series, which I was originally planning for the series. 

I have been working on the synopsis for Indulge and wanted to reveal it as well as let people vote on whether or not they like it. I don't believe it contains any spoilers, but if you are worried then avert your eyes :o)

Claire's heart is torn between her first vampire love, Dmitry, and the Blood Mate, Arrick, that she is eternally bonded to with a powerfully deep and emotional connection. A vengeful vampire is haunting her steps, after Claire killed their mate. An ancient evil threatens to rip her world apart. With the danger of war looming on the darkening horizon, will Claire find the strength to fight back and protect those she loves? Even if it means embracing the darkness inside her? Is it worth it to become the evil she fears, in order to destroy it?