Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sitting on my Hands

The first draft of Released is finally completed.  I am so very happy!  My plans for right now are to set Released aside for at least a week before I start my first edits and revisions. 

During this week I am going to work on the final touches of my outline on Savor and maybe even get started on writing it, which I'm excited about cause I think it might be pretty darn good.  I even already have some ideas for the cover.

I am also trying to nail down a cover artist as well as an artist for my book trailer of Released.  I have sent out some query emails, but haven't made any concrete decisions yet.  I am hoping to have both these things finalized in the next week.

Once the week is over I plan to hammer down on Released and once I finish that I want to have it go through Beta before I am willing to publish it.  I am excited about being able to reveal my cover, a trailer and I am considering posting the first chapter of the book before I publish it, to give everyone a sneak peak.

So, I have a ton of things that need to be done, but I hope the wheels starting turning on them soon.  This is a very exciting time and I hope things just get better from here on out.


  1. I am so excited for you Megan!!!! Your first book is completed. That is HUGE! If I lived near you I would take you out to celebrate!

    I think you should post your fist chapter because I want to read it ;)

    I posted on my blog a bunch of links that I found for crazy helpful sites for editing. I have been using the fist link listed to edit the first couple of chapters, and I am amazed at how much better those chapters are now.

    If you don't mind my asking, what amount are you likely to pay for a book trailer? I have looked into doing mine, but I am just terrible at it.

    Again Congrats! My email is on my blog when you are ready to send the MS ;)

    Angeline Kace



  3. Thanks! I could use some celebrating :) I will check out those sites, maybe I will send in my first couple chapters for editing and see whey they say.

  4. That's awesome! Congratulations! I'd be even happier for you if my eyes weren't streaming from white text on a red background ;)

    Keep up the writing, it's the only way anything gets written, he he he!

    J. E. Medrick

  5. This is a very exciting time for you. Congrats! I'll be reading your blog to see how things go.

  6. Megan-

    Woot Woot! There's nothing quite like the feeling of actually FINISHING that novel! Hope you took a time out to enjoy it. So excited for you. And taking a week away from the material is a great idea. Helps you see it with fresher eyes. Do you have any good ppl/readers to give it to and get feedback? That's important, too.

  7. I've only got 2 Beta readers in mind, but I think I may post something on the kindle boards when I'm ready to find a few more. Would like to find a few people who have beta read before.