Sunday, January 30, 2011


I have finally settled on a name for my vampire series, it is called; Savor (The Warm Delicacies Series).  I also think I have the titles chosen for the one or two books I plan to have follow it.  I really love the title and hope you all do too.  Please let me know what you think.

I also reached out to some cover artists today, so I will keep you all updated on the progress as well.


  1. I like the name with the series title! It sounds delicious! But now I am wondering what it could possibly be about! ;)

    Angeline Kace

  2. I think I like it. One word...but a strong word. How are you going to capture that on the book cover?


  3. I really like Savor! But "The Warm Delicacies" makes it sound a bit over the top gore-fest to me. Or just, I'm not sure that it gives a clear picture of the kind of series this is. Is this romance-y or more horror?

    Anyway, you should get more opinions and see what people think. Again, Savor is great. The thing is, it might be nice to say something like Mariane Mancusi's "boys that bite series." That title tells you its kind of tongue in cheek and goofy and it's got vampires. You know what I mean?
    Either way, you got a sale for sure with me!

  4. I might have to agree with Aaron. I LOVE Savor but the Warm Delicacies does sound a lot mroe gory than you probably intend. Oh and another tip- that line also makes me think humans will play a large part (with the word 'warm' - sicne vamps are cold blooded... yeah u get it) so hope that's the case or that would maybe throw people off.

    And also, to second Aaron, either way -I'm BUYING!


  5. I love all the feedback and I am glad you are all excited. For this book I tried to think of how a vampire would view blood. Obviously, it's their way of feeding, but I wanted to describe it in a more sensual or delectable way. If you think of a food that is considered high in quality and also extremely delicious it is considered to be a delicacy, and for vampires that would be blood which is also warm. Hench Warm Delicacies. I plan for this story to be more of a Romance/Fantasy with no horror. I also love Savor, and after viewing the feedback I may change the series name, but I gotta say I'm hooked on Savor. A tiny little teaser about this book is that vampires are not in hiding. :-)

  6. I'm not a fan of the genre, but Savor is a great title! And I actually like The Warm Delicacies--it's intriguing!