Thursday, February 10, 2011

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

It was almost one of those days today - if you are a writer you know what I mean.  I was in desperate need of a pick-me-up, I didn't want to let anything get me down.  I've noticed that my posts have been pretty much all business, so I thought I would lighten things up a bit.

To raise my spirits I listened to one of my favorite songs and thought I would share it with everyone.  To those who need it, I hope it cheers you up and to everyone else I hope it puts a smile on your face. ;-)


  1. HAHAH! When I was in elementary school, I always had to listen to my mom's horrible radio station. This was the ONLY song I could ever stand. If I heard it in the morning on my way to the before/after school program, it ALWAYS made my day!

    Thanks Megan :D

    J. E. Medrick

  2. Thanks for the pick-me-up. I think I'll make a big poster and hang it up in my room.


  3. I love this song! I have it on my ipod and listen to it when I need to.