Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I was browsing on the internet last night, waiting for dinner to cook and found something that made me drool more than the spaghetti I had on the stove. A kayak!! Yes, you heard me right, I said kayak. It probably sounds a little wacky, but I really want one. As of last summer, I've fallen in love with kayaking and am chopping at the bit to do it again. I love it almost as much as I love hiking. Almost. ;o)
See, doesn't that look awesome and totally peaceful?? No? What about this one?
In any case, I've decided to start myself a "Someday" fund. That way I can get started on doing the things I'd really like to do, and stop putting them off. I've even found myself a super cute kayak, and it's pink! I'd probably die and go to heaven if I could find a purple one, but pink is good too! So, next time I make the 1 1/2+ drive to go kayaking (I need to find someone with a truck to go with me. Carrying a 40 lbs. kayak nearly a mile to the water is not my cup of tea) I will post pictures!! I definitely recommend everyone try it at least one, you won't regret it. :o)

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