Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pinnochio Wishes

Hey, hey, hey Ya'll!
My uber awesome friend, Jefferson Montoya has a new CD out and it's AMAZING!!
I'm all about people following their dreams and doing what they love, and I think Jefferson is definitely doing that. Plus, it doesn't hurt that he's majorly talented either!! ;o) And, I am not just saying that because he's my bud. I think his music speaks for itself, literally. lol
Here's a fun video where Jefferson talks about his newest album Pinnochio Wishes.
Download a copy of his CD and tell him what your favorite track is.
Listen to some free snip-its and see if there is anything you like. 
Heck, grab yourself a copy if you'd like too. I know I will! 

My favorite song is The Sun. What's yours?
There are even some great videos below and you can see Jefferson perform some of
his greatest original songs.

Below is a link to another one of Jefferson's videos

Are you hooked? Want to hear more of Jefferson's music, check out his website or find him on Facebook?

Jefferson Montoya's official site is:
Jefferson Montoya's Facebook site is:
Jefferson Montoya's Youtube channel is

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