Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The "C" Word

...yeah... I said it, this post has absolutely nothing to do with writing and EVERYTHING to do with the other love-of-my-life, CHOCOLATE!

Completely by chance, I came across the most amazing chocolate bar I have ever had in my life. As usual, I of course couldn't keep this wonderful news a secret and had to share the awesomeness to all my fellow chocolate lovers.

While on my standard trek through the tiny, family owned market near my work I came across my first Theo Chocolate Bar. Was it completely chance? Was it fate? Was it destiny?

Being a chocolate freak, I totally believe it was destiny. :o) I've just never had anything so divine in my life, so it couldn't be anything other than a match written in the stars.

After finishing my chocolatey heaven and thoroughly licking my fingers I immediately flew to the website to find more about this mana from the gods.

Even just by visiting now in order to add the link to this post I find that they have added Christmas flavors to their collection and am not hesitating to add them to my cart. Sure, I did ask Santa for candy bars for Christmas, but that's like 2 weeks away! I can't wait that long!

Without further adieu, I introduce you to Theo Chocolate

I hope you all love it as much as I do, but if not... MORE FOR ME, YAY!!

Merry Christmas Everyone, and Happy New Year!

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