Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Ascended

After reading the first two books in the series, I have been impatiently waiting on the last installment,
The Ascended.

Tiffany King has created a fantastical world with Angels, Fallen Angels, and Haniel. Those who have read the second book know what I'm talking about. ::wink wink::

Tiffany's writing is fluid and perfectly descriptive. I never felt bogged down while reading, in-fact, each of her books were almost impossible to put down. It wasn't just the likeable characters or the speed at which I fell into Tiffany's world, forgetting reality around me, but the uniqueness of the story that gripped me. I am eagerly awaiting The Ascended's release, because I NEED to know what happens!

Tiffany has been gracious enough to provide me an excerpt to share with you all. Be careful now, because it's going to pull you in and you won't be able to turn away until you read the entire series. And then again a second time. :o)


"I wonder where the rest went," I asked, expecting my friends to answer. “Guys, are you okay?” I asked, getting no response. I was so wrapped up with the poltergeist, I hadn’t noticed where my friends went, but they were definitely missing. A cold dread suddenly gripped me. Some Ascended I was, I thought. I had allowed my friends to be snatched right out from under me. I sank down to my knees as the full impact of it hit me. I was utterly alone in the dark hallway. I started to hyperventilate when I realized the connection between my current predicament and the dreams that had been haunting me for months. The air around me thickened and I could feel the darkness pressing down on me.
After several minutes, I was finally able to get a grip on myself. This was different. I knew the dimensions of the hallway and also knew that I wouldn't fall into some unseen abyss. Sure, I didn't know what awaited me at the end of the hallway, nor did I know what had happened to my friends, but I was also a different person now.
I pulled myself up off the ground and slowly started walking forward. I kept my hands out in front of me to help alert me to any obstacle I might encounter. My pace was slow and cautious as I continued to proceed down the long narrow space. I used my gifts to see if I could sense the location of my missing friends, but felt nothing. This was not the way the plan was supposed to go. We had allowed ourselves to walk into an ambush. The question is why had Victor left me in the hallway alone? And why did he feel the need to mess with me?
"Because I can," his voice whispered in my ear, making me shriek in fright. Whipping around, I stuck my arms straight out to ward off a possible attack.
"Where are you, coward?" I yelled, angry that I was once again at his mercy. I turned back around and raced down the hallway, away from the voice, back where I knew there was a way out. I allowed panic to get hold of me and in my mad dash to get away I crashed headfirst into an unseen obstacle.
        My head reeled from the blow as I slumped down into unconsciousness.
Awesome, right? Want to know more?
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  1. Read Meant to Be last night! Super excited to continue the series today!

  2. Yay! I'm so excited for ya! They are great books! :o)