Thursday, September 29, 2011

Time to Lie or Die

Did you ever read the Choose Your Own Adventure Stories 
or wish you could dictate some of the story you're reading?? 

Now's your chance!! 

I was lucky enough to be picked to participate in the fabulous 
Lie or Die Flash Fiction Contest and now it's your turn to participate too. 

To get all the fantastic details click the link below to start your adventure today
Lie or Die 

UPDATE: Starting Friday, 9/30, for a daily chance to win an eBook from Amazon of one of the participating author's books of your choice, submit your idea and tweet the following:

"I submitted my story idea for the #LieOrDie event! Go submit yours!"

You only need to submit one idea, but you can have a chance to win an eBook each day through October 8th, by tweeting and spreading the word. The daily winners will be announced on Twitter.

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