Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fur Baby Drama

Things have been so hectic lately as I listed in my last post, 
but I would like to take some time to talk about... well my crazy cat who seems determined to use up his 9 nine lives much too quickly.

Jack, my 2 year old cat that thinks he is a dog, has managed to 
land himself in the vet clinic twice this week after after
another adventure of his a possible third time.

His first visit was due to ingesting, most likely, some kind of bug or plant that
didn't agree with him.  Which for Jack, is not a surprise. 
If it's alive he is going to catch it.
To say the least, his tummy did not agree.                                                  

Then, not even a week later, he was headed back to the vet again.  
I guess he just missed the nice girl at the reception desk, right?  
Anyway, this time he managed to get                                                                         
bitten by some kind of bug. (I suppose it's partially my fault because 
I let him play in the backyard. We live near undeveloped land,
so there is no shortage of critters.)  The result of this adventure, landed him with...
a tad abnormal sized body parts.  Good thing he doesn't wear shoes. 
 Lastly, my husband let Jack outside (while I was at work of course), and Jack managed
to catch himself a large pigeon.  I of course, wont share a photo of it, but it filled a grocery bag. 
(That's my husbands description not mine.)  Now, a pigeon wouldn't go down without a fight, 
so now my sick, club footed cat has a swollen knot on his face from being pecked by the pigeon.

So, that's just a smidge of the crazyness that is Jack.  I rather like writing about him, so
watch out everyone, there may be future posts.  Now I must get back to work and make sure I hit my 2k writing goal for tonight.  Wish me luck!

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