Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Great Things To Come!

As I am sure many of you know I have finished writing Savor, book #1 in the Warm Delicacy Series!  
Cheering and happy dancing may commence... I'll wait.  :o)

Need to catch your breath from all the excitement? Me too!

Ok, now to move on to more great things!  I have decided on what I will do for the giveaway and its going to be awesome.  I won't give away what the prizes are just yet, but I think they are terrific!  (Yes I used terrific - I'm bringing it back don't judge me!)  I can reveal that the grand prize is more than just stuff you will get shipped to you in the mail. ;-)

  I will be doing a blog tour and this weekend I am sending out requests to all my favorite bloggers to see who is interested so that I can get the ball rolling.

::shameless plug::  If you are a blogger and want to be part of the release celebration and giveaway for Savor, just shoot me an email!  The more the merrier!  :o)

My ultimate goal is to have Savor available for purchase by September 1st, with the blog tour and multiple giveaways spanning the entire month.  I also want to do something big for the 30th cause it's my birthday!  I'm thinking a prize pack for a lucky winner!

I have heard from several people who are dying to read Savor, and for those marvelous fans I am going to be posting not just the first chapter of Savor, but the first TWO!!!  Yes!! Because I love you all so very much I am going to post more than the usual first chapter!  Stay tuned as I hope to have it up an available to you all soon.

I hope to have book #2 Indulge, available by the end of November.

Can I do it??

Wish me luck!


  1. Wow..I can't wait to read the first two chapters!!!
    *dances around in joy*