Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hitting the Wall

Is it possible for a writer to hit a wall?  I've had writer's block.  Been there, done that, bought the bobble-head. (No, I didn't get a t-shirt, they didn't have my size.)

 I feel like I am looking so far into the future, I am forgetting why I am writing.  I write because I love it. 

I write each line and scrutinize it a million times, wondering if people will like it or enjoy my story, instead of just writing my story.  I need to learn to not be so critical of my work until it is done, because otherwise it might never get done.

I worry if people are going to take my need to publish and write seriously, or will they all laugh in my face?  I suppose this fear is due to the fact that I am writing in private.  I have not told anyone other than my husband and question whether or not I will tell anyone when I am ready to publish.  At least not anyone I know, but that is too be decided.  Should I post a huge comment on my Facebook, or should I silently join the published world?  These types of questions keep on rattling in my head and I need to kick them out.

Yet, here I am worrying about things that don't need to be worried about yet.  I pray I can go to sleep and wake up with the inspiration and drive I started this journey with.  It helps that I have found some fellow writers to converse with, even if they are few and far between.  I appreciate that more every day. 


  1. Megan,

    That sucks. I am sorry you are in a less motived mode. I would say not read the story so much like you have and just write. Find that place where it is just you and the characters. And about worrying if you should tell other people, I say this: You are going to write this book, and publish it anyway. Why wait until you get the book out there to tell people? I have found that my friends and family on Facebook have been so supportive of me and think it is just sooo wonderful what I am doing. Why not give yourself that boost, or your future book that much anticipation? People write because it is what they are passionate about and others, especially those close to you, will see that!

    Ultimately, it is a really personal decision and you have to do what is right for you.

    You are pretty close to completing your book right? Maybe you can start the cover or something to get you excited about it again. Good Luck!

    Scrittore- Italian for writer

  2. Stay positive, we all hit that point! I'm about 16k from reaching my goal and finishing my first complete book. I have a fear that it has to be as amazing as I feel the rest of the writing has been, and I've been dragging my feet. We're there with you, just keep truckin'!

    J. E. Medrick

  3. Thanks for the support! You must be my angels cause I was just able to pump out 2,000 words!

    I just cleared my head, tried to focus and removed all distractions (ie: my blog, twitter, facebook) and then I just went wild with writing.

    Thanks for the follow J.E., I will follow you as well. What is your book about?

  4. You're welcome and thank you for the follow, also! I added the Blogger gadget so it's easier.

    I'm working on a paranormal-occult NON-romance.

    The short synopsis is: Man on his deathbed tells his estate master he must share his story before he dies. He admits to being over 200 years old, as well as having a twin brother whom he imprisoned 200 years ago. He wants his estate master to free his brother and become his keeper, upon his death.

    J. E. Medrick

  5. That's sound really interesting, can't wait to read it.

  6. I hit stone "walls" all of the time when I write but I get around it by juggling multiple projects at once. When one slows down I jump to the next one until I am ready to return. This works out for me because it means I always have something going and that I churn out projects pretty regularly.

    I usually don't feel any hesitation about letting others see my work but for my latest book I have felt a twinge of anxiety. But I always ask myself is the work entertaining, informative and free of errors. If I can say yes then I have to let it go out into the wilderness.

    I guess it's like raising children. At some point you have to trust that you've done your best and it's time to let go.