Sunday, September 9, 2012

Challenge - Week 5 Results

No good news today, but no bad news either. I must say I am becoming a bit disheartened by this whole challenge. After 5 weeks, I expected to start seeing some results, yet I feel I've done all this hard work with nothing to show for it. Maybe doing the old-fashion exercise and healthy eating method isn't enough? I started this wanting to stick to the natural way of doing things but I'm starting to believe that isn't enough. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to have a little extra help from some kind of weight loss supplement. A few years ago I tried SlimQuick and liked it. I'm thinking I'll give it a try starting tomorrow and see if next weeks results are any better. This journey is quickly becoming more difficult than I realized. I thought I prepared myself for the toll it would take on my body physically, but I didn't prepare mentally at all. I don't know what to do to fix that but I'm determined to try. There are many days that I want to give up this challenge, and there are days where I am still desperately holding out hope that the pounds will start disappearing. For now, the blubber has won this battle, hopefully I win the war.

Last week results - 2 lbs lost
This week results - 2 lbs gained


  1. Hey Megan.

    the weight loss journey is hard! I did weight watchers and that worked great for me. It taught me how to eat and gave me tools and knowledge for after the weight came off so I can keep it off. Just an idea for you:)

  2. HI, don't give up, I know it's hard but stick with it. You'll regret it if you cave in now. Keep up the hard work and it will start to reward you.
    What exercise are you doing?

  3. Don't give up. Honestly the worst thing that you can do when you are trying to lose weight is to use a scale. As you turn fat into muscle you lose inches but gain weight. I would say monitor the food that you eat and the exercise that you do. If the exercise isn't challenging then increase the intensity. Do your clothes feel looser or tighter. I know how discouraging it because I am trying to lose weight as well and it's hard. But keep pushing through and challenge your body safely. You can do it with just diet and exercise but if you choose to use supplements than research them-they're not all good, and talk to your doctor they may have some healthy suggestions for you. Good Luck!!

  4. Thanks for all the encouragement everyone! Makes me so glad I decided to publish my journey on my blog, it helps to know I'm not alone and even more so to receive the extra support when I feel like throwing in the towel. I'm going to stop letting the scale be the "executioner". I think I should have measured my waist, etc, instead of focusing solely on lbs. I know that is the area where I will most see a change before weight loss, especially since I am doing weight lifting now too. Luv ya, and thanks for not letting me give up. ♥ ♥