Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A New Muse

I recently discovered an artist whose work captured me. I've always liked art, but never so much so that I had a favorite artist, or even paid attention to anything. I would say my knowledge of art begins and ends at my memories of watching Bob Ross on TV as a child.

This has now changed.

I can now say that I DO have a favorite artist, and her name is Megan Duncanson. :o) Now, of course, I must say she has a fabulous name, but an even more fabulous talent. For days I've been daydreaming about redecorating my office just so I can display some of her work. The first chance I'm able to buy one of my favorite pieces the demolition and reconstruction on my new writing space will begin!

I've pasted some of Megan Duncanson's work below, these are just some of my favorites. If you want to check out her website it's or She's also got a blog! What's really cool is not only can you purchase canvases, but you can also get custom linens, clocks, jewelry boxes, throw pillows, etc., all with your favorite design! How cool is that?

"Empty Nest"


"Where The Heart Is" - I LOVE THIS ONE!
"Together As One"


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