Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Sealed with a Kiss" Blog Stop & Giveaway

In celebration of the upcoming holiday, I have joined with several other authors to do a stop for the "Sealed with a kiss" tour. Running from February 1st to the 14th, we authors will post about a significant first kiss for them as well as the first kiss for one of their characters.

Please comment and tell me about your first kiss for a chance to win a signed copy of Released. I will pick the winner on February 14th.

My First Kiss with my Hubby:
  - A moment I will never forget, is the first kiss I shared with the love of my life. We were out on one of our first dates. We had seen a movie and headed to a frozen yogurt shop afterward. I was still so nervous around him that I focused on eating my frozen yogurt because I couldn't think of anything to say. Without realizing it, I was eating really fast and ended up giving myself terrible brain freeze. I'm talkin' the worst brain freeze I've ever had in my life. My husband laughed at me till tears poured from his eyes. Before I knew it, he planted the softest kiss on my lips his laughter still bubbling out of him. I couldn't help, but laugh too. As nervous as I was around him, somehow his kiss calmed my nerves. Four years later, we've been laughing ever since.

Abby's first kiss from Released:

            I hesitated for a moment and then looked down at my shoulder and saw my wound.  I had to admit he did do a good job.  It looked clean and he had a row of butterfly bandages to hold it together nicely.  It wasn’t as scary looking as I had expected it to be.
            “Looks good.  Thanks Max.” 
He smiled and started to smear antibiotic on it before adding fresh gauze.  I watched him as he worked.  His brow furrowed as he concentrated, taking extra care to cause me the least amount of pain as possible.
            When he was done he looked up and caught me staring at him.  “Geez, Abs.  You really scared the hell out of me and everyone for that matter,” he said letting out a breath.
            “Sorry,” I looked away and pulled the sleeve of my shirt back on.
            “No, no.  Don’t look away.  Don’t ever look away.” 
            He grabbed my face and suddenly kissed me hard.  His warms lips sent shivers down my spine as my mind whirled with shock, confusion and then pleasure.  We explored each other as he held me close to his body and I felt myself give in to him.
            “Oh my gosh!  I’m sorry.”  Max and I both turned just in time to see the back of Taya retreating behind the Bronco.
            I felt my face flush as we released each other, but Max lingered for a moment brushing stray strands of hair out of my face.


  1. Yay!!!! I love your first kiss Post!!!!

  2. It's really odd,but I really don't remember my first kiss.Ain't that strange?

  3. Oh, I remember my first kiss with my husband. I still get a chuckle about it. We met at work. During that first week of dating, he would walk me to me truck after work. After a week of this routine, I was sitting in the driver's seat while he leaned on the window frame to talk. We hit that moment of silence when it was obvious we wanted to kiss each other. So, being myself, I looked over at him and whispered, "Chicken.". He gave a short burst of laughter, then reached over to pull me into a delicious kiss. Safe to say, I was blown away. We have been together half of my life, and I can't wait to see what the following years bring.