Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Help me decide on Savor's bookmarks!

It is still in the first stages, but I really wanted to get everyone's feedback of what they think about my bookmarks.  I am having a lot of fun designing them.  Please let me know what you think and if you have any ideas I would be happy to hear them too!  :o)

I think the back will be all black with "BITES" in large letters.  I will also add my website address.


  1. I think it looks gorgeous!! :D

  2. Looks really awesome! :) I think it would look cooler, if the "Being vampire royalty" line was written in a more spirally text or something. Or maybe in the "Ringbearer" font.

  3. I think it looks perfect !! :)
    Don't change a thing except maybe on the back you can ad add quote

  4. Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I am hoping to finish this weekend and then order my first shipment so I will have them in time for the blog tour.

    @Ashely - I looked up the "Ringbearer" font and I love it! But I may be stingy and use it for my next series :o) I think it may fit perfectly with it.